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Impress me with facts

What can I get? Why should I choose you?

Draw me into your site & tell me how I will benefit from you

Your homepage should give me an overview of what you do, and more importantly, what it means for me. Make sure your important services are easily found on this page and don't put too much on the page - keep it easy for me to find what I want.

What do you want me to know about?

Tell me why I’ll love what you can give me.

What’s your product or service I’m most likely to be interested in? Tell me about it. Reassure me that I’ll not find it better anywhere else. Explain how comprehensive it is and why I should read more about it on an internal page.

What is it about what you offer that’ll make me fall in love with it? Is it the product itself? The service you deliver? Is it the quality? Maybe the price? Give me options to find out.